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At HealthQuest Esoterics, we understand the importance of delivering timely and accurate clinical toxicology testing. For clinicians, this information is needed not just to make precise diagnoses, but also to direct their therapy. We offer an extensive range of over 1000 different testing solutions across a range of specimens, including blood and urine, to help clinicians monitor for controlled substances or prescription drug use. Given the impact our testing services can have not just on the lives of patients, but also the wider community, the HealthQuest Esoterics team is committed to providing one of the most extensive and comprehensive toxicology testing menus in the industry, along with some of the fastest turnaround times. 

Addiction Treatment and Substance Abuse Testing

While drug test results on their own should not be the sole determinant when assessing patients for substance use disorder, in combination with the patient’s medical history, a psychosocial assessment and a physical exam, it can often provide invaluable information for medical professionals to determine the right course of treatment. Our clinical toxicology tests help clinicians at recovery centers and other healthcare facilities identify the specific drugs and chemicals affecting their patients, so they are able to accurately treat specific toxic effects, establish a treatment plan, and ensure patients comply with their prescribed medications.

Drug testing during the treatment process can also help ensure that patients are making progress on the road to recovery. We take pride in providing accurate testing results that can be taken into account along with each patient’s underlying physician and mental health issues, guiding clinicians to make the best possible treatment decisions for their patients.

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Medication Monitoring

If your medical facility requires the support of a licensed and accredited medical reference laboratory, get in touch with our Southern California-based team today.
For patients with chronic conditions, including chronic pain, clear drug test results are imperative for clinicians managing these challenging cases, in a way that ensures the patient’s continued safety. Additionally, our tests can help medical professionals uncover any contraindications that may place patients at risk if they require a switch in particular medications, as well as ensuring that patients remain in compliance with their prescriptions, instead of under-medicating or over- medicating. We understand that interpreting these results can be complex in light of the unique nature of each patient, which is why our testing experts are available to help clinicians assess the information and make an informed decision for their patient.

Innovations in Testing

Our team is accessible and responsive to the needs of our medical partners and their patients. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best service in the industry, because we care about our patients and the work that our partner clinicians do. Our quality assurance goes beyond operations expertise, and a focus on the quick delivery of highly accurate testing results for a seamless testing experience. It also incorporates a passion for providing medical professionals what they need to make the best possible healthcare decisions for their patients, which is why our partners are supported by individually assigned service representatives, who can facilitate faster needs resolution. Beyond our outstanding testing services, HealthQuest Esoterics’ partners appreciate our empowerment-centric approach to patient care, which includes a team on hand to answer their questions about tests or billing.

HealthQuest Esoterics offers numerous options, from standardized panels, to individual tests and fully cutomized panels for your toxicology testing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced testing capabilities, which can help detect illicit substances, prescription medications, designer drugs and more. We are responsive to the needs of medical practices that require toxicology testing for their patients. The complexity of the designer drug landscape means not every drug of choice has an existing test that can screen for them. HealthQuest Esoterics is proud to offer the scientific expertise of our group of PhD level scientists, who have worked in the testing field for decades. In order to detect and measure specific new chemicals or substances, our scientists are able to work with clinicians to establish comprehensive new testing services, augmenting our already robust testing capabilities. We understand the time sensitive nature of such requests, and have built the flexibility to take on these challenges into our operational capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about our specialized toxicology testing services.

Addiction Medicine: Clinical Toxicology Medical Testing For Recovery Centers

Treatment and Recovery Centers are an intrinsic part of the addition treatment landscape, and provide much needed services that can help those with substance addictions get and stay clean. Clinical toxicology testing in turn plays an integral role in helping clinicians in the industry to design comprehensive detoxification and recovery plans for their patients, because these tests do not lie, nor do they underplay drug use. While toxicology tests cannot be taken alone, they are vital across the entire process of addiction recovery when considered alongside each patient’s unique physical and mental condition and circumstances.

With accurate toxicology testing, the numbers provide immediate clarity into a patient’s drug use and compliance with a treatment regimen, and can help to sidestep any manipulation of the process that could get in the way of a patient’s overall recover. Drug testing can not only help to clarify whether a substance abuse problem exists, it can also elucidate the type of safe detoxification treatment that a patient might need to undergo at the beginning of their treatment, whether through a step-down of use, or through other medical means to manage acute withdrawal symptoms from substances like alcohol.

During the recovery process, ongoing testing not only helps to guide the appropriate level of treatment, but can determine whether progress is being made. More importantly, it builds a better foundation for the development of honesty between the patient and the medical professionals treating them as well. The objective answers gleaned from substance abuse testing can also be used to rebuild greater trust in other key relationships, such as with family, friends and work connections.

Many clinicians and patients also find that regular drug testing can help to prevent relapse, by forcing patients to be more accountable. Drug testing can also ensure greater integrity of the treatment process as a whole. In the event of a patient relapsing, even with no other obvious or outward signs of use, these tests can help spur an immediate response to minimize the amount of damage that the substances can have on a patient’s body.

Drug Testing Services Offered

We offer rigorous quality assurance for all of our tests, from standard federal drug panels to fully customized tests for individual substances. Most existing drug panels test only for the most commonly abused illicit substances, including Amphetamines, Cocaine and Optiates. Depending on your facility’s area of expertise, we can offer panels tailored to specific chemicals, and even develop brand new tests for the ever changing designer drug of choice. We are also able to test for prescription drug misuse, which is a key concern as part of the ongoing opiate crisis. All of our tests are designed to deliver in excess of 95% accuracy, and to be difficult for patients to manipulate. We are proud to deliver some of the quicket turnarounds in the industry, and will work closely with you to meet your unique testing needs. In addition to all this, we can provide assistance with sample collection and delivery based on your requirements, for full end- to-end service.

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Why Recovery Professionals Work With HealthQuest Esoterics

More than anything, we care about your patients. That is why numerous recovery and addiction treatment centers continue to trust HealthQuest Esoterics with all of their toxicology testing needs. Beyond a fast turnaround and delivering results that clinicians can trust, we are flexible and entirely responsive to all your testing needs. Our fully licensed and accredited medical reference laboratory offers not just standardized drug panels, but can also customize specific panels based on your center’s area of expertise. We also understand that the drug landscape is constantly evolving, which is why our PhD scientists are available to develop innovative, novel testing that you can count on as new drug trends come and go.

We understand that the testing landscape can be complex, which is why our team is also available to help medical professionals quickly understand the results of a drug test, so subsequent steps can be taken in a timely manner. Operational excellence aside, we take a compassionate approach to addiction therapy and recovery. This philosophy undergirds our deliberate approach to great customer service, and means that we are here not just for you, but your patients as well. We encourage you to learn more about our Patient Empowered Billing program. We are also happy to work in partnership with recovery centers to provide patients with more information on their test results, and to help educate patients on the therapeutic purposes of drug testing.

At HealthQuest Esoterics, we understand the importance of treating substance abuse and addiction. By providing reliable testing results quickly, addiction treatment clinicians who use our medical reference laboratory for their testing needs can gain a more accurate picture of a patient’s drug use. To learn more about our state-of-the-art testing options and reports, and how they can help your center more successfully diagnose and treat your patients, get in touch with our team today.