We are proud to provide COVID-19 diagnostic testing via serological antibody and qPCR

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HealthQuest Esoterics established a comprehensive Patient Empowered Billing (PEB) program, because as patients ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate the complex maze of healthcare, and healthcare costs. Getting and staying healthy should be made as easy as possible. Beyond providing outstanding testing services, we are also doing our part to make the associated billing process simple and painless for you. HealthQuest Esoteric’s PEB program is designed to empower our patients to better understand their testing-related healthcare charges, so you know exactly what it is you’re paying for and why.

It is important to note that when it comes to healthcare, there are numerous options at varying price points. The biggest difference: quality, impact, and service. Because of our extensive laboratory capabilities, your doctor may have chosen to send your test to us, as other laboratories were unable to process it. We strive to provide the highest quality of medical testing to positively impact your treatment plan, with great service, at the most affordable price point, because we believe that what we do brings benefit to our community. 

If you’re looking to make a bill payment, visit our convenient Online Patient Payment System today. Alternatively, discover the answers to frequently asked questions about Patient Empowered Billing here, or contact us to speak to one of our Southern-California based customer service or billing department representatives:

Client Services Department
949-242-2260 | cs@hqesoterics.com 

Billing Department
949-242-2260 | billing@hqesoterics.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did my doctor send my test to HealthQuest Esoterics?
How does billing work for my test(s)?
HELP! I received a bill from HealthQuest Esoterics, and I can’t pay for this!
I received a check in the mail from my insurer for my lab test! What do I do with it?

I have more questions about my test/EOB/bill. Who can I talk to?

We are here for you. Please reach out to our Client Services or Billing Teams and they will be more than happy to help:

Client Services Department:
949-242-2260 | cs@hqesoterics.com 

Billing Department: 
949-242-2260 | billing@hqesoterics.com