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The HealthQuest Esoterics Distinction

HealthQuest Esoterics is a licensed and accredited full-service medical reference laboratory with an extensive test menu of specialty assays. Our vision is to deliver information to our clinicians with accuracy, precision and speed so we have the most profound impact on the communities we serve. We are proud to deliver results you can trust, with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

About us
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“Physicians rely on us to be able to manage their patients, whether this has to do with cancer care, endocrinology management and more. We understand that the numbers on each report we send directly affects patient outcomes - this demands accuracy 24/7, and we are driven by our passion to deliver that.”

HealthQuest delivers a highly extensive menu of services. With the latest diagnostic technologies, we are able to test with greater sensitivity and specificity for an incredible array of analytes. From routine assays to high complexity cases, our experts will provide integrated laboratory results for more impactful patient triage. We also offer the largest customizable panels in the market for blood and urine testing. These consolidated laboratory services offer easier office management for your practice or medical facility.

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A Team That Cares For You, And Your Patients

We believe in giving each member of our team the tools they need to do their best work for you. Our team was put together with passion and compassion in mind. More importantly, our problem-solvers have our patients’ best interests in mind. As a team, our values shape what we do.

We are always aiming to be better; implementing and adhering to industry-leading processes to create greater efficiencies and peace of mind for you. Beyond the integrity of the data we provide, we know how important providing a personal touch is when it comes to navigating the complex healthcare landscape.

More About Us

Dedicated to Quality Service

HealthQuest is here to accommodate your needs. If you need early morning stat sample pickup just call us and let us know. Our team is supported by a network that includes mobile phlebotomists and dedicated couriers.

"Our job is not over when we send out a test report - we are also here to support your practice or facility.”

You can chat with one of our scientists about developing specific new substance tests, or for result interpretation queries. When it comes to patient billing for medical testing, we also have a team to answer all their questions and address any concerns, so you don’t have to. Click here for more information.